For nurses, a great deal of learning happens on the job through hands-on experience, shadowing, and the long, lost art of making mistakes. When hands-on learning opportunities are not available, nurses learn valuable skills in training sessions and skills labs, learning more complex procedures and strengthening their nursing weaknesses.

However, there’s another place where nurses are turning for accessible learning resources, nursing industry advice, continued education, and general tips and tricks: the internet. While there’s plenty of junk on the internet that will do more harm than good when it comes to nursing education, there are also a growing number of reputable online institutions can help you learn more skills and boost your nursing knowledge.

In this blog, the online CE course team at Provider Skills will show you a few online stops with great resources for nurses. Check out some of these in your spare time, and become a better nurses with a few clicks and some hard work!


Coursera is a leading provider of online courses from a variety of top universities around the world, helping people in virtually any discipline learn essential skills and grow their knowledge. There are always new courses being added to the site, so you can always find information that’s relevant and up-to-date (perhaps more up-to-date than some of those textbooks you used in college).

The nursing and medical fields in the Coursera catalog offer plenty of course selections, from technical skills training, in-depth disease and medical condition studies, and cultural examinations that help you understand the industries surrounding nursing, like healthcare business and pharmaceuticals.

Ultimately, Coursera is the most extensive and diverse online education platform out there. Check it out for yourself, and expand your knowledge and view of the nursing and medical world!


Founded in 2012 by Harvard University and MIT, EdX is similar to Coursera in that it provides you with a vast selection from online courses from top universities—and lucky for you, many of these courses are self-paced and require no applications or prerequisites. EdX is also known to drop one-time, special event courses on relevant educational issues, allowing you to gain knowledge on the most timely of subject matters through some of the world’s greatest educators.

In terms of nursing-related content, EdX provides a lot of big-picture courses like ethics in healthcare and improving global health, which could be useful for gaining a wider perspective of the healthcare world that branches outside of your particular medical center. That’s knowledge that make you better healthcare provider now, and a great manager of healthcare in the future.


It hasn’t gained as much attention as EdX or Coursera, but Alison is another online educational powerhouse with a ton of resources for nurses and medical professionals. With over 8 million users across the world, and diploma-level nursing courses with over 60,000 enrolled students, Alison might just have the most popular nursing courses on the web.

Alison gets course content from experts in the industry, including the World Health Organization, meaning you’ll always get credible and useful resources that can help you improve your medical knowledge. Plus, Alison offers certifications and resume creation tools to make the most of your online educational experience.

Provider Skills

We might be biased here—but Provider Skills offers online CE courses that can help you improve your primary care skills and professional clout in the nursing world. By using self-paced online courses and primary skills simulation kits, our courses will help you hit the ground running at your first job and develop the confidence you need to get a great start to your medical career.

Why is online education important?

Ultimately, online education is important for nurses because it provides them learning opportunities that are accessible and flexible. The schedule of a nurse can be sporadic and occasionally unpredictable—with online educational tools and courses, nurses and medical professionals can learn at their own pace, and dig into learning materials when it’s convenient for them. Plus, online courses give nurses access to the most groundbreaking nursing news, educational discoveries, technologies, and cutting-edge medical methods that can help them provide excellent care on an individual level, and help their medical institutions improve, too.

If you’re a new or experienced nurse looking improve skills and gain knowledge on your craft, it’s time to log on and get to work—you’ll be surprised by all the things you can learn just by surfing the web!