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Provider Skills gives you the hands-on training you need to feel confident in your practice!

In this course, you will learn basic and advanced skills in an online format at your own pace.

Dont want to travel to learn what you need? You don't have to!

Hands on Learning with our Suture Kit

This Kit includes:

  • Suture Tools
  • Suture Skin
  • Suturing Materials

It's the next best thing to real skin! Our lessons are also filled with voice lectures and videos to provide both auditory and visual learners what they need to be successful.

-Suture Kit Included with course fee

Hands on Learning with our Simulation Kit

This Kit includes:

  • Suture Tools
  • Suture Skin
  • Suturing Materials
  • Foreign Body Removal Simulator
  • Nexplanon Removal Simulator
  • I&D Simulator
  • Sebaceous Cyst Simulator
  • Skin Biopsy

-Suture Kit Included with course fee

Primary Care Procedures Deluxe Package


Learn basic and advanced skills with enhanced simulation tools.

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Primary Care Procedures


Learn basic and advanced skills with suturing simulation.

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Aesthetic Medicine


Learn all you need to start doing injectables today!

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How To Find A Preceptor


Learn tips to securing a clinical site fast!

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SOAPnote Clinical Tracking


Create and manage clinical case logs, documents and evaluations.

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What Can Provider Skills Do For You?

Provider Skills offers online CE courses that give you hands-on training to enhance your career. Have you recently graduated from your NP or PA program? Provider Skills can give you the necessary skills to help you hit the ground running at your first job. Our classes provide practical training in an online format—whether you're interested in primary health care course, aesthetic medicine training, or a variety of other courses. These courses are not just for new graduates, but for providers at any level that needs to brush up on skills. You can learn at your pace, on your own schedule. Get started with Provider Skills today!

"So I just want to leave this comment here to let you guys know how great I think this is. I'm an FNP and have been in practice for a little over a year in a primary care setting. My ultimate goal is to work in an ER/urgent care though. Well, in a primary care office, you don't do much suturing, I&Ds, or really many derm procedures at all. You also really don't do many women's health procedures either. These videos really helped hone my skills and gain the confidence I need to keep up in the fast-paced environment of an ER. They're short but thorough videos so you don't have to set aside a bunch of time for them. I followed along with the kit that was sent to me, I took notes, and even went back and re-watched the videos of the procedures in which I felt weakest. The large suture pad made refining my suture technique easier than using an orange or a chicken breast (like what we used in school). Plus you get 10 CMEs! I definitely recommend this to help take the worry out of learning procedures."

-Chris Ventimiglia Brandt, FNP

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